Feel like you're hitting a brick wall in your teaching career?

I help overwhelmed and stressed teachers get out of survival mode and reclaim joy in teaching.

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Teaching is your passion, yet lately you’ve feel more like an imposter who is struggling to keep up with all the planning, classroom management, and marking.

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Hi, my name’s Alisa

I’ve been there – the stressed out and overwhelmed teaching days. While I started my teaching career with the best intentions, I very quickly succumbed to habits that led to burnout. I thought that teaching wasn’t for me and almost quit. Thankfully I didn’t. Instead I learned the best methods to stay mentally healthy and joyful, plan and execute lessons with ease, and run my classroom like a boss.

My goal and passion is to help you take a step back, evaluate the problem areas, and come up with a rock solid plan so you can start enjoying teaching once again.  I will guide and support you along your journey on how to balance self-care with being the best teacher you can be for your students. 

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