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5 Tips for Cleaning Like a Pro

Before I give you any tips on cleaning, let me tell you a bit about my experience. Growing up I had no idea how to clean well. What’s more is that I found it extremely boring and frustrating. That changed when my mom took me on as a cleaning helper. She works for clients who are very particular about the cleanliness of their home and whose home is huge. Working by her side, I have learned some pro-cleaner tips that will make the task of cleaning not only easier but more enjoyable. Trust me, it can be so satisfying!

Here are some of the major lessons I learned:

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Separate decluttering/organizing and cleaning your home.

At home, I would attempt to do everything at once. This often took up a ton of time and left me feeling frustrated, with little to show for all the time I had just spent. From what I’ve observed in these client’s homes is that they tend to be organized, putting things away in their places regularly, like at the end of a day. If there is no clutter in the way, cleaning becomes so much easier. When you approach the task of cleaning, make sure that clutter is out of the way. 

Dust, vacuum, mop your home regularly.

 Don’t leave this for weeks on end. Especially the dusting! I noticed that clients who got weekly or even bi-weekly cleaning had much better results for the same effort and time we put in. By regularly removing dust and dirt, you prevent build up and save yourself the extra effort later on. (See my post about the dusting here).

Find effective cleaning products you enjoy using and stick to them.

The simpler the better. My arsenal includes 1 window cleaner that I use on all glass, mirrors, and some wood surfaces (for that extra shine), 1 all-purpose bathroom spray, and 1 toilet bowl cleaner. To wipe I use paper towel and microfibre cloths. These products are so versatile and effective that I use them all over the house and get awesome (and fast!) results. (Edit: I have added a wood floor cleaner that I can use on all floors and wood surfaces.)

Find a cleaning technique and perfect it.

I have gotten down my bathroom cleaning technique so well that I actually like and volunteer to clean the toilets at my house 😉 Don’t worry about how long it takes at the beginning. Just like any new skill, it’s going to take time to get used to. However, as you use the same products and same technique you will get faster, and you will start noticing ways you could improve.

Have the right attitude and don’t rush it. 

When I used to clean at home, I would always get frustrated with cleaning and try to get it over with already. I couldn’t carry that attitude with me to my work as a cleaner though! To get myself in the right mindset I would imagine the sparkling clean home and the fresh smells. Over time, I noticed my attitude shifted as I began looking forward to seeing the end result instead of dreading the process. I also gave myself the time to do it. Without the pressure of having to finish everything at once, I allowed my self to relax and enjoy the process. A 5 bedroom home takes about 5-6 hours to clean top to bottom. So block off the time, turn up the music, and let your mind wander as your hands do the work. If setting aside that much time isn’t feasible, break that time down over the week.

There you have it, 5 tips to cleaning like a pro. Have any questions? Let me know! 🙂

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