• Whole brown eggs in carton box
    Learning to Cook

    Hard Boiled Eggs Made 5 Ways

    Hard boiled eggs are a great addition to your meal prep routine. They add a a quick and easy source of protein to any meal. The best part? They are super versatile and can stay in the fridge for a…

  • Folded towels on a shelf
    Learning to Clean

    How to Organize a Linen Closet

    This used to be the messiest and hardest part of the home to keep clean, but it is now my favourite! It takes some practice to learn how to fold everything properly and quickly, especially that fitted sheet, but I…

  • Learning to Simplify

    Find Your Person

    We drove 12 hours to Quebec, to visit a friend who was doing training on a nearby base (well, closer than where she is posted in Alberta). The reason? We really missed her and we¬†needed some time with a military…

  • Tomatoes and other vegetables in supermarket
    Learning to Cook

    My Food Shopping Routine

    Since my teen years I remember being frustrated with how food shopping was done. It felt like no matter how much shopping we did, we were always missing ingredients, overspending, and letting a lot of food go to waste. So…

  • chicken with rice and broccoli
    Learning to Cook

    Meal Planning Using the Big 4

    When you think about the age-old question, “what’s for dinner”, it can get daunting with all of the diets and superfoods out there that are supposed to help us feel better and look great. To overcome the stress that comes…

  • Learning to Clean

    How to overcome cleaning overwhelm

    We’ve all been there, “clean up the home”, has been on our to do list for like a week but keeps getting put off until later. Just the thought of cleaning the home seems overwhelming. I have a confession, when…

  • cabinet with cooking essentials on counter
    Learning to Cook

    Making a pantry list

    Before getting married I never had my own home, own fridge, own pantry. So, all the cooking I’ve ever done was with ingredients available in the home. Often when cooking I would see that a certain product was missing or…