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This is a guide on how I keep my home looking clean without working my butt off and slaving away at home. Here is a simple schedule for a clean home for every day of the week. Keep reading to get all the details or simply skip to the bottom to get the free printable and get to work 🙂

In my other article, process and checklist to clean your entire home, I mentioned that I do this every two weeks. Well, let me be 100% honest, in busy seasons it sometimes doesn’t even get cleaned that often. However, despite that relaxed cleaning schedule, my home looks pretty clean all the time. 

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As a professional cleaner I learned the tricks that helped me realize which tasks have the greatest effect on how clean a room feels. These are little tasks that can be done in a few minutes and at most 30 minutes.

I recommend rotating through these tasks or setting aside 10-30 minutes in the afternoon or evening to get everything straightened up.

Here are the small tasks that make a big difference in how clean your home looks:

Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen should be scheduled daily
Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Dirty dishes, crumbs on the counter, food that’s left on the stove…. Having a clean kitchen is a huge indicator of whether your home is clean. Here are the key elements to have clean daily or at least every other day

Dishes part 1

During the day. Either rinse and stack beside the sink (what hubby and I do now) or rinse and put them into the dishwasher. Don’t leave any food residue on the dishes. Scrape it off into the garbage.

Time to complete task = about 2-5 minutes depending on the number of dishes.

Dishes part 2

At the end of the day or first thing in the morning, get your dishes cleaned and put back on the shelves. My routine now is I do the dishes in the morning while swishing my mouth with coconut oil (side note: swishing oil first thing in the morning is called oil pulling. It is supposed to pull out toxins from your body. How it works exactly, I’m not sure, but simply Google “Oil Pulling” and you’ll find plenty of explanations). So, while I swish the oil in my mouth, I like to put the dishes away that I washed the other day. If I have time left over I wash the dishes from the previous day. They’re already rinsed so there’s no hard scrubbing. The whole process takes about 10-20 minutes. It may take a little longer depending on how many people you have in the family and if you did any heavy-duty cooking. If there are a ton of dishes, get someone to help you. One person washes, the other person dries the dishes and puts them away.

Time to complete task 10-30min.

Tip: To know exactly how long it takes you to wash your dishes, set a timer. You may be surprised how quickly it takes to get it done. 

Dealing with Food

After you prepare a meal, take a minute to put all of the food away. Wrap what needs to be wrapped. Put uneaten food in a container, ziplock bag, or garbage. The garbage is really only for food scraps of food that was on someone’s plate and cannot be eaten by someone else now.

Time to complete task = about 2 minutes

Wipe the counters

You could have everything put away, dishes washed, but if the counters have spills and crumbs on them then it will feel dirty. The easiest method I’ve used by far has been using a cloth. You wet the cloth, add some dish soap to it and gently rub it together under the sink. Squeeze out all the water until the cloth is just damp, then go ahead and wipe your counters in a Z pattern. Once done wiping the counters, rinse the cloth again, with or without soap depending on how dirty the counters were. Then hang it up to dry. If properly rinsed dried every time, you could keep the same cloth for a week, before washing it.

Time to complete task = about 1 minute

Get the yuck out of the stove

Keep it clean by getting rid of any burnt food and crumbs. Wipe down with surface with a mild abrasive to get the spills off. I prefer to use paper towel here because of the oil. For flat surface stove tops I like to use a daily cleaner by Weinman.

Time to complete task = about 5 minutes

Keeping the Bathrooms Clean

Cleaning the bathrooms should be scheduled regularly

This is the next biggest eyesore if it is not cleaned regularly. If your bathroom is smelly and dirty looking then the whole house now feels dirty. 

Start with the toilet

I like to give it a quick wipe down (with paper towel for easier clean up afterward). So this includes the top of the water tank, the handle, and the seat top and bottom (think of when guys lift up that toilet seat and see that it’s all dirty underneath!) Give the inside of the bowl a quick whirl as well, using a toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner of course. 

Next is the mirror and sink area

I like to wipe it all down with Windex or the super nice smelling window cleaner by Method. If you have soap scum in the sink (you shouldn’t if you do a bi-weekly clean but just in case…) then use a mild abrasive like Vim or Scrubbing Bubbles to get it off there.

Get rid of any clothes or garbage.

Just do a quick scan of your bathroom. Are there any clothes lying around or hanging that shouldn’t be there? Is the garbage can full? Take the garbage out and take out any clothes that shouldn’t be there.

Everything else: Bedrooms and Common Areas

Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

Well now that you’ve dealt with the yukiest rooms in the house, the rest is easy. In between your bi-weekly clean of the entire home, very little needs to be done in the rest of the home. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

Put things in their place.

Used some cushions and throw blanket while watching a movie? Put the pillows back in their spots and fold the blanket. Did a project in the living room? Put the materials back in their places.

Make the beds!

It will take about 1 to a maximum of 5 minutes to make your bed, but the impact it has on how your bedroom looks is phenomenal! Since your bed takes up so much room and is usually a focal point in the bedroom, make sure to get it all made up every morning.

Put clothes away.

I have this terrible habit of coming home and leaving my socks on the stairs, or my sweater hanging on a chair in the kitchen. Yeah we’re all busy and sometimes need to just leave things in random places around the home. But, make sure to give yourself 5-10 minutes in the evening to then pick those clothes up and place them into a laundry basket or hang it in the closet. In the evening, when getting changed, put clothes right away into one of two places: hang it in the closet or put it into a drawer if you can wear it again. Or the second option is to put it into the dirty laundry bin.

Sweep or vacuum if necessary.

Depending on the season or family situation, you may need to do this multiple times per week. For example, when we had a shedding dog we vacuumed the main areas daily. During spring months there was a lot of dirt coming in, so we ended up vacuuming every few days. The same can be said if you have a young child. If however, there aren’t babies or pets and you keep the dirt at the front step, then once a week is great.

Phewf, that felt like a long list! I promise though that these tasks, once incorporated into your daily and weekly routines, will seem quick and easy. A fun activity I like to do when I am in need of some motivation is to set the timer for 10 minutes and then see how much I can get done in that time.

What you may find is that just by starting you will find the energy and desire to finish cleaning. Otherwise, you might get to the end of the 10 minutes and simply be satisfied with how much you have done. You can get a LOT done in that time.

What I love about this home cleaning schedule is that it’s simple and flexible. You can bend it to suit your needs. After all, you’re the master of your home and not the other way around. 🙂

If you would like a handy printout of this printable, simply head on over to the resource library and look for this image:

A free printable to keep track of what to clean on a daily/ weekly basis.
This gives you a flexible cleaning schedule while keeping you on track.

The resource library is password protected. To get the password, simply let me know by giving me your name and email address and I’ll get it over to you right away 🙂

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