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Easy, Healthy Snacks that You Can Make in Advance

My philosophy is that if you’re feeling hungry, first drink some water. Your body may simply be mixing up the signals of thirst and hunger. If that doesn’t help get a healthy snack to help you make it until the next meal. 

How do you ensure you reach for the healthy snacks instead of snacks full of sugar and processed ingredients? You make sure that they are close on hand and ready to go when hunger strikes. You also need to limit or eliminate altogether the unhealthy snacks – by this I mean cookies, chips, some types of ice cream, etc. It’s ok to have these sugary snacks occasionally as a special treat, just not daily. 

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Don’t make it hard on your will power by having sugary treats more accessible than healthy ones. Be kind to yourself and make sure you do some self-care by regularly preparing healthy snacks to keep on hand. A little preparation (and I mean really little – about 5 minutes to create each of these snacks) will go a long way in the amount of time that you end up spending in the kitchen or how much money you spend on snacks.

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I have prepared a list of the EASIEST as well as HEALTHY snacks you could make in advance. Though I have to admit, I don’t have all of these on me all the time. I like to change it up by preparing different snacks every couple of weeks. So don’t worry about preparing all of them at once. Pick one that fits your needs and taste buds then take it from there 🙂

Here are 5 healthy and easy to make snacks:

1. Cut up veggies

Seriously, guys, this one is the best when those munchies get to you because you will be filling yourself up with healthy fiber and water. 

A plate of cut up veggies -  a very easy and healthy snack
Veggies that are great to cut up are carrots and celery. They last long in the fridge! Next best, are cucumbers and bell peppers.

My favourites are celery sticks and carrots. Do this in a large batch at the beginning of the week or whenever you do meal prep. Wash, cut up, and separate into small containers or ziplock bags. You could eat them plain, with peanut butter, or veggie dip. Be warned though, some dips contain a ton of calories that will go by unnoticed. Make sure to limit the amount of dip that you are putting out for yourself. Either do this by measuring out dip into a bowl or buy small individual packs of dip.

Cut up veggies separated into ziplock bags for an easy, grab-and-go snack
I like to keep my cut up veggies in ziplock bags so I could grab a bag before heading out for work or on an outing. If you have small containers, those would work great as well!

2. Cut up cheese slices/ cubes and crackers

How healthy you want to go with the crackers is up to you. I find that because cheese is fat, it doesn’t take a lot to help you feel full and satisfied. You could fancy it up by putting adding some grapes or wine – perfect for that time before dinner and after work 😉 .

To keep the cheese fresh and stop it from hardening – as is the case with cheeses like cheddar – make sure that it is not exposed to air. You could cut up the cheese into cubes or slices and then put into an air-tight container or wrap it with plastic wrap.

Multi-grain crackers with some cut up cheese is a great healthy and quick snack.
These are multigrain crackers with Old-Cheddar cheese, and local cheese from Quebec.

3. Frozen fruit

My brother actually shared this hack with me. Let’s say you’re going to work in the morning. Put some of your favourite frozen fruit into a container. By the time you have a break and are ready to eat that delicious fruit, it will be thawed but still chilled enough to be enjoyable. Add to this some plain or vanilla yogurt and you have a really healthy and delicious snack.

Simply place the frozen berries into a container and close with a lid until break time. I love my glass container with its rubber lid (not in the image)

4. Muffins

I made a wonderful zucchini muffin recipe that I found on the lovely Holly’s blog – simplifycreateinspire.com . She has a whole collection of healthy muffins that are so easy to make that you could make them with your kiddos. Below is my finished product. I ended up putting way to much zucchini (oops), so they ended up super moist (yay!). It was a huge success with friends at a picnic. The muffins preserved great in the fridge and then were enjoyed by my family about a week later. So double thumbs up for this one, give it a try!

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If you aren’t going to finish them right away or you want to make one huge batch, you could freeze the muffins that you are going to eat later. Then when you want to eat them, either zap them in the microwave to enjoy right away or just take it out and let it thaw slowly. 

My first batch of zucchini muffins. The recipe calls for chocolate chips but they were just fine without them!
My first batch of zucchini muffins. The recipe calls for chocolate chips but they were just fine without them!

5. Energy balls

Now there are a million different recipes for these with various uses depending on if you are trying to add more fat to your diet (oh my goodness, coconut fat bombs are AMAZING!) I found this recipe through a fellow Instagramer who posts recipes that are both healthy and approved by the whole family. If you have been following me, you know that family approval is super important to me when making anything. I have a picky eater husband and want to make sure that what I make he will eat. 

They’re so easy to make! Simply mix 1 cup of quick oats, ½ cup peanut butter, ½ cup ground flaxseed, ½ cup chocolate chips/mini M&M’s (optional), ⅓ cup honey, and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Roll the mixture into balls and then freeze! 

These balls took just 5 minutes to put together and now they’re off to the freezer!

Psst..!! Tracy has a whole ton of healthy recipes to try out, go check her out on Instagram and look at her story highlight titled “Healthy Eats”

Visit Tracy’s Instagram and get those other delicious recipes [Click here]

Writing this post made me hungry, so I’m gonna go make some of these snacks right now!

I hope that this has given you some ideas for some healthy and easy snacks. They take so little time to prepare in a big batch and they are so helpful to cut the cravings for sugary treats in between meals.

Let me know, which of these snacks have you already tried? Do you have any other snack ideas to share with us? Write them down in the comments below 🙂

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