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Learning to Cook

Eating Out vs. Cooking at Home

Eating out was my life as a busy university student. Getting that breakfast sandwich with coffee for breakfast and then a wrap for lunch became a convenient tradition. I quickly realized that this habit was costly, both for my health and wallet. It led to gaining about 20 pounds and losing lots of money to food and beverage. I tried several times to get into the habit of making my own meals to take with me, but after a few days would fall back into eating out. So how did I turn the page?

Cheese burger, eating out vs. cooking at home

As I reflected on my eating habits, I realized that while I wanted to have variety at home, but when I ate out I would always want the same thing. This desire to always cook and eat something new when at home was what was causing my failure. You see, when I was busy or just lazy, I would go to Tim Hortons and get my favourite drink and a sandwich or soup. I’m willing to bet that you also have your go to’s when eating out. For some reason, we don’t expect something new when eating out, yet we put all this pressure on home cooking to be new and exciting every time.

I knew that the eating out had to stop. In order to start cooking at home and actually stick to it, I would have to work on my fear of eating the same foods every day.

Reasons to Cook at Home

So here is my reasoning, which helped me to jump onto the home cooking wagon and eliminate the constant eating out:

  1. If I eat the same things all the time when I go out, I can just as easily eat the same types of food when I am at home. For example, if I can order the same wrap and enjoy it every time, then just as easily I can make those wraps.
  2. The reason I eat the same things when I go out is because I like how it tastes AND can expect that same flavour every time. Therefore, if I learn how to make the dishes I like and perfect the recipe so that it satisfies every time, then I will enjoy home cooked food just as much.
  3. Eating out provides convenience; instead of cooking 30min-2 hours before eating, I can order and get my food within minutes. This is where meal prepping comes in. It allows me to have my food ready within minutes since all I would be doing is combining already cooked components and warming it up.

Once I got those in my head and heart and started to cook things I actually enjoyed, cooking at home became easier and more enjoyable. Those three reasons have helped me to stay on track with eating a lot more home cooked food. I can say it has helped a lot in my journey to weight loss, getting rid of some health issues, and saving money. It is a constant learning process, especially since I am now cooking not just for myself but also my husband (he tends to be a lot more picky than me!).

I hope this helps you find the motivation to stop eating out so often and to start your own meal prepping and home cooking journey. Follow me on this meal prepping journey my seeing this next step (click here).

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