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Goal Setting for New Year with Clarity and Intention

There was all this momentum building up to the new decade, 2020, and then it happened. I had so many plans that I became paralyzed by fear and overwhelm. There is so much to do and so little time, how do I focus on goal setting when the new year is already slipping through my fingers? Don’t get me wrong, the world still went on, I even started to regularly go to the gym with my hubby and got my home in order. However, in my mind there was no clear path forward to reach my dreams and ambitious goals.

The word for this year

My word for this year is INTENTIONAL. I want to intentionally design my life for the best possible outcome. What outcome do I want though? Which one to focus on? Do I just do a little of everything? This is where the overwhelm started.

Planning the next 10, 3, 1 years

Part of this I attribute to just how I think, I want it all and get excited about all the things, then realize how much work it is and shut down. However, Hilary Rushford is also partially to blame. You see, I bought her new journal, Elegant Excellence Goals Journal. It’s not a regular journal where you set a couple goals for the year, not related at all to each other, then plug all of the tasks into your calendar. Oh no, my friend. This brilliant CEO makes you go through a rigorous process where you look at where you want to be in 10 years, then 3, then 1. From that huge overwhelming vision you narrow down the top priorities for the month and the weeks which will help you get closer to that vision. 

My elegant excellence journal which is keeping me on track with setting realistic goal setting
My Elegant Excellence Goals Journal and my favourite spot to dream and write

This journey takes over 60 pages and hours of reflection before you even get started on the weekly planning. While I started with excitement, it quickly turned into a deep pit of “how am I ever going to achieve these high goals I have? Are these goals even what I truly want? I feel like I’m already behind Etc. etc.” Finally, after watching the complimentary videos and getting to the end of this process I can see the light, just one main goal for this year, and it feels friggin amazing.

Do the hard work upfront

You see instead of going through this process throughout the year – the discovery of what I actually want to accomplish – Hilary has helped me condense it into just a couple weeks. Not only that, she has made me realize that it’s ok to put off some projects to later on down my path. I’m not lazy or lack ambition or procrastinating. Those goals are written down and are safely stored for when I have the bandwidth, the mental and emotional capacity to deal with them.

Try this out

So I want to encourage you to do this little exercise. Take a quiet moment and reflect on what is the biggest pain point in your life right now? Is it debt? Your education? Planning a wedding? That’s your main goal for the year. Now plan out what needs to be done to reach that goal. Sounds simple, yes, but when you take the time to brainstorm ALL the goals, then simmer it down to just the one, you’ll be amazed at the feeling of spaciousness and clarity you feel.

That’s it for me, as I need to get going on my goal. If you’re ready to really step it up, try out that journal. It’s hard work but oh so worth it!

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