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My Identity as a Military Spouse

Holding my Canadian military husband's hand

 I’ve read several blogs by wives of military members. They say that their husband’s career doesn’t determine their identity. I agree. I am not only a wife. I am also a teacher, daughter, sister etc. However, I believe there is a very special place for this part of my identity and it deserves to be honoured.

It gives me a sense of pride to call myself a military wife. I love it when I share with people that my husband is in the military and they thank ME for my service to the country. Not to mention the pride I feel when I am out with my hubby and someone thanks him for his service.

It is a great service and sacrifice that military members make for our country, to preserve the freedom and peace we all enjoy. But right along with them are all the family members who have to move with them, adjusting to a new home, new work, new friends, all while keeping a good attitude, and making the new house feel like home.

So what is my identity? There is no one title I can take on as I wear many hats (or capes, if you prefer 😉 ). But right now, right here, I am a proud military wife.

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